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What Should You Not Do Before a Massage?

Massages are amazing, right? They can help to relax, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. However, it’s easy to make a common mistake and not get the most from the experience. For example, be sure to avoid doing anything that may interfere with the massage session or make the therapist uncomfortable.

One of the main things to avoid before a massage is eating a large meal. Eating a large meal before your session can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Generally, it’s best to avoid eating anything at least an hour before the massage to ensure your digestion is not interrupted during the massage. The closer you eat to the appointment, the less optimal your massage experience will be.

Next, make sure to avoid drinking alcohol or consuming any other recreational drugs before a massage. Not only can alcohol or drugs make you feel lightheaded and affect your perception of the massage, but if you’ve had too much to drink it can also make the massage therapist uncomfortable.

Furthermore, many therapists recommend avoiding caffeine before your session. Caffeine is a stimulant and can make you jittery and restless. Ultimately, it may prevent you from being able to relax properly during the massage and interfere with your body’s ability to reap the full benefits.

Also, while it can be tempting to arrive for your massage session right before treatment begins, try to avoid this. If possible, arrive at least a few minutes early for your session to get settled and allow yourself time to mentally transition into massage mode. Otherwise, you’re arriving in a rush and going straight into the massage room.

Of course, it might sound obvious, but you should also not forget to make your appointment with a Tucson, Arizona massage spa. Massage appointments are typically in high demand and it’s best to book your session at least two weeks in advance; this will ensure you get the best time slot and can make your massage experience as stress-free as possible.

Although some jewelry won’t get in the way, be sure to avoid wearing any jewelry or metal objects that could interfere with the massage technique. Many therapists prefer to have clients remove all jewelry, so they can easily move around their body as necessary. If you’re not sure, just ask the therapist before your session begins.

Finally, it’s important to avoid wearing any perfumes or fragrances before a massage. Not only could these interfere with the oils used during the massage, but some people can be sensitive to certain scents. Sadly, this could make the massage experience unpleasant for both you and your therapist.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your massage experience will be as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Don’t forget to listen to your therapist’s instructions and ask any questions you might have before the massage begins.

To finish, here are some quick-fire things you SHOULD do before a massage:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take a warm shower to loosen up the muscles
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in
  • Communicate any areas of concern with your therapist before the session begins
  • Relax and enjoy

If you’re used to stressful meetings and endless deadlines, enjoy this escape from the hustle and bustle of life!

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