Incorporating MMS API in Chatbots: The Future of Customer Support?

You likely have experience as a customer trying to interact with a chatbot on a business’ website. You know how frustrating it can be to try to explain your case without visual evidence to back you up. Many customers get annoyed by the lack of personalization from chatbots on these business websites. 

Thankfully, you can introduce API technologies to your chatbot to offer a better experience to your consumers. These technologies allow your customers to share videos, audio, and images to help them describe their unique situations. Some top benefits of multimedia messaging technologies are in the information below.

1. Include Media Content in Your Chat Messages

MMS API technologies allow you to integrate media content into your online chat services. Allowing customers to upload photos or videos lets them better explain their situations. They can provide screenshots of former conversations or share videos on the technological issues they may face. You can only fit a few details in a 160-character message. Customers will also appreciate the personalized experience when using emojis or GIFs. They will feel like they get to talk to a real person instead of a bot!

2. Multimedia Messages are Read More Often

Customers are more likely to pay attention to multimedia messages offered by a chatbot. They will respond more quickly to a text than an email that may get lost in an inbox. Most phone users check and respond to a message in less than five minutes. 

Multimedia information, including pictures and videos, are more noticeable to customers. They will enjoy the visual experience your business can offer them through the chatbot. Your company will likely get the information you need to gather from your clientele.

3. Subject Lines Entice Customers

Some multimedia messaging companies allow you to include subject lines before you submit your message. This space lets you hook in your customers. It makes them interested in what you have to offer. Make an enticing title that will provide the answer to a need or that will grab their attention. Many companies put the subject line in bold letters, making them more noticeable to your customers. They appear at the top of the message, providing topical information that you would want to provide. You only have to complete your email form to send the multimedia message to your customers.

4. Brand Your Chatbot Messages

Multimedia messaging allows you to add your brand to your message sent from the chatbot. As mentioned, you can upload an image or video with the text you send from your business. Customers will immediately associate your company with the advertisement or information they receive. 

Your clientele will likely forget a black-and-white name you type in a regular text message. They will remember the colors and images you use to represent your business in a logo. Customers will feel more comfortable responding to your messages as they will not worry about you being a scammer.

5. Greater Accessibility for Customers

Customers come from several backgrounds, and each person has different needs. Some individuals have a difficult time understanding written language. They might do better comprehending pictures and videos. Others are blind and require voice messages to get the information they need. 

Providing a multimedia message allows your customers to feel heard and seen. They get to learn and understand the way that works best for them. The images and videos you can provide leave more answers than questions. They prevent your customers from having to return for more information repeatedly.

Take Advantage of Multimedia Messaging for Your Business Chatbot

Multimedia messaging is an innovative type of technology that can give your customers a better experience with your chatbot. These messages hook your clientele as soon as they see the subject line. They can more easily understand the photos and videos you provide from the chatbot. 

Some customers require accessible information because of their disabilities. These multimedia messages allow the consumers to learn in the way that best works for them. Give your clientele the personalized experience they need to continue returning to your business for their needs. They will love the newly found interactive technologies offered by your chatbots.

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