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Hiring a Motorcycle Accident in Wisconsin: Securing the Compensation You are Entitled To

A motorcycle may give you convenience and freedom that those who drive a four-wheel vehicle may not experience. But as a rider, you tend to face great risks of accidents. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained catastrophic injuries, your  life might have changed forever. If the accident resulted from the negligence of another party, call a motorcycle accident attorney for an initial consultation. 

The aftermath of motorcycle accidents is often stressful and chaotic, particularly if they lead to serious injuries. These injuries can require extensive and ongoing medical care and you may not be able to go to work for a while. Thankfully, you can recoup these losses through a motorcycle accident claim. A skilled accident lawyer can deal with the legal process with your insurer after a motorcycle accident. They can help you seek the compensation you are entitled to. 

Understanding Comparative Fault

Generally, there is an unfair bias against those who ride motorcycles. Riders are known for speeding, careless actions, and a tendency to violate road or traffic rules. If a motorcycle accident takes place, people may assume that the rider is to blame for it. But a good attorney can set the record straight and defend you against allegations of fault. 

Even if you are partly to blame for the crash, you can still receive compensation for your losses and injuries as long as your percentage of fault is not more than 50 percent. As a comparative fault state, Wisconsin requires apportioning fault between the parties involved in accidents. Thus, the compensation you may secure will be reduced based on your fault percentage. So, if your injuries and damages are worth $50, 000 and you were 10% at fault for the crash, you will only get $45, 000 in compensation. 

How an Attorney Can Help You

Your motorcycle accident lawyer can handle every aspect of your legal claim. They can communicate with the insurance provider for you or negotiate a fair settlement with it. Insurance providers are hard to deal with as they focus on reducing their payouts. Your attorney is aware of how exactly insurers work and will not settle your claim for less than what you deserve. 

Your attorney will investigate your case right away to gather evidence related to the accident. They will talk to responding medical personnel and police officers. Also, they will interview witnesses and find photos or other evidence that shows the events that led to the crash. If your attorney finds this helpful to your case, they will call accident reconstruction experts for help. 

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