The Basics on How to Store Essential Oils

Don’t you have some essential oils sitting in a dark cupboard, and you don’t know how to store them properly? You only know they are expensive, and you don’t want them to go bad?

Let us share with you the basics of how to store essential oils. The tips we will share with you today will help you keep your essential oils as fresh as the day they were bought and ensure you can use them for their intended purpose for maximum benefits. Read on!

Labeling and Organization

When storing essential oils, labeling and organization are key! Be sure to clearly label all your oil bottles with the name, expiration date (if applicable), the date you purchased them, the Latin name, and the supplier, if different than the oil brand.

Be sure to organize your oil bottles by type. Take the time to separate carrier oils from therapeutic oils and to separate your single essential oils from your blends or mixtures. This will help you more easily locate the desired oil.

Additionally, clearly label any mixture or blend with the contents, intended purpose, and date it was made. You may check Aromatech best selling scents to discover more scent options.

Temperature Considerations

It is important to keep essential oils out of extreme temperatures and in a cool, dark place. Heat can cause essential oils to become less effective or may even cause them to spoil.

When storing essential oils, keep them below 86 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure their quality. As for light, it degrades the quality of essential oils. So it is best to store them away from windows and other light sources.

Keeping essential oils in a dark, cool, and dry place helps to maintain their effectiveness and useful life. Additionally, make sure that all the essential oil containers are sealed airtight. This ensures that no air nor light comes in contact with the essential oils, which can cause them to spoil or become ineffective. Storing essential oils correctly is essential to making the most of their healing benefits.

Essential Oil Containers and Displays

Essential oil containers are an important part of storing essential oils. It enables you to protect your oils from sunlight, air, and moisture while also allowing you to showcase them. The containers should be made of dark glass, ideally an amber or cobalt hue, so the oils are not exposed to UV rays.

Displays provide an attractive way to store and showcase your oils with countertop vessels, shelves, and wall-mounted racks. Display options vary from wooden boxes, drawer liners, wire stands, and hanging racks.

For added convenience, look for displays that also offer removable, washable barriers to keep your oils separated. By using the right oil containers and displays, you can keep your essential oils safe and looking great.

Learn How to Store Essential Oils Properly

Essential oils are essential to making your home smell delightful. By learning how to store essential oils properly, you can ensure the quality and purity of your oils. Follow the steps listed above, and your aromatic oils will be safe from light, heat, air, and moisture to ensure best use and enjoyment.

Keep your bottles stocked and your home filled with sweet-smelling aromas! Shop now to find your perfect scent!

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