Niat Sholat Tarawih

Tarawih prayer holds great significance in the Islamic faith, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a voluntary prayer performed after the obligatory night prayer, Isha. Muslims gather in mosques or pray at home to engage in this special prayer. The term “Tarawih” itself means “rest and relaxation,” indicating the tranquility and peace that can be found through this act of worship.

Understanding the Importance of Intentions in Islam

In Islam, intentions hold immense value. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Actions are judged by intentions, and each person will be rewarded according to their intention.” 

This hadith emphasizes the importance of having a sincere and pure intention in every action we undertake, including acts of worship like Tarawih prayer. The intention is the driving force behind our actions, and it shapes the spiritual value and rewards we receive from those actions.

The Significance of the Intention in Tarawih Prayer

The intention in Tarawih prayer serves as a guiding principle that directs our focus and devotion towards seeking the pleasure of Allah. It differentiates Tarawih prayer from other voluntary acts of worship, highlighting its unique connection to the blessed month of Ramadan. 

By making a conscious intention to perform Tarawih prayer, we acknowledge the significance of this act and align our hearts and minds with its purpose. The intention helps us approach Tarawih prayer with sincerity, devotion, and a deep sense of spirituality.

How to Make the Intention for Tarawih Prayer

To make a proper intention for Tarawih prayer, it is essential to understand the underlying purpose of the prayer and the specific intention associated with it. Before starting the prayer, one should silently affirm within themselves that they are performing the Tarawih prayer as a voluntary act of worship, seeking closeness to Allah, and aiming to gain His blessings and rewards. The intention should be sincere and solely for the sake of pleasing Allah, avoiding any show-off or desire for recognition from others.

The Benefits of Having a Sincere Intention in Tarawih Prayer

A sincere intention in Tarawih prayer brings numerous benefits to the individual. Firstly, it enhances the spiritual experience by fostering a deeper connection with Allah and increasing mindfulness during the prayer. It helps in focusing solely on the worship and seeking spiritual elevation. 

Secondly, a sincere intention purifies the heart and strengthens one’s faith. By intending to perform Tarawih prayer solely for the sake of Allah, one eliminates any ulterior motives or distractions, allowing the heart to be entirely devoted to the worship of Allah.

Common Misconceptions About the Intention in Tarawih Prayer

There are a few misconceptions regarding the intention in Tarawih prayer that need to be addressed. Some people believe that the intention must be verbally expressed before beginning the prayer. However, this is not necessary as the intention is an internal matter between an individual and Allah. It can be made silently within one’s heart. Another misconception is that each unit (Rakah) of Tarawih prayer requires a separate intention. In reality, a single intention made at the beginning of the prayer covers all the units performed thereafter.

The Role of Intention in Strengthening One’s Faith During Ramadan

During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims strive to strengthen their faith and seek closeness to Allah. The intention plays a crucial role in this endeavor. By making a sincere intention for Tarawih prayer, one demonstrates their commitment to worshiping Allah and fulfilling their religious obligations. This intention serves as a reminder of the purpose behind fasting and engaging in acts of worship, inspiring individuals to be more mindful of their actions and strive for excellence in their faith.

The Rewards of Making a Correct Intention for Tarawih Prayer

Every act of worship in Islam brings numerous rewards, and Tarawih prayer is no exception. By making a correct and sincere intention for Tarawih prayer, one can attain abundant blessings and rewards from Allah. 

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever prays during the nights of Ramadan with sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, all of their previous sins will be forgiven.” This hadith highlights the immense value and significance of Tarawih prayer, promising forgiveness and spiritual purification to those who engage in it with a pure intention.

Tips for Maintaining a Sincere Intention Throughout Tarawih Prayer

Maintaining a sincere intention throughout the Tarawih prayer can be challenging, especially when distractions and fatigue set in. However, with conscious effort and mindfulness, it is possible to uphold a sincere intention. Here are some tips to help maintain a sincere intention throughout Tarawih prayer:

  • Prepare mentally and spiritually before starting the prayer by reminding yourself of the purpose and rewards associated with Tarawih prayer.
  • Focus on the meaning and significance of the verses recited during the prayer, allowing them to deepen your connection with Allah.
  • Avoid rushing through the prayer and strive to maintain a calm and composed state of mind.
  • Remind yourself that you are engaging in Tarawih prayer solely for the sake of Allah, seeking His pleasure and rewards.
  • Seek refuge in Allah from any distractions or negative thoughts that may arise during the prayer.
  • Reflect on the blessings and opportunities that Ramadan and Tarawih prayer present, and let gratitude and humility guide your intention.


Niat Sholat Tarawih, or the intention of Tarawih prayer, holds a profound significance in the lives of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. By understanding the importance of intentions in Islam and making a sincere intention for Tarawih prayer, individuals can enhance their spiritual experience, strengthen their faith, and reap abundant rewards from Allah. It is crucial to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the intention in Tarawih prayer and maintain a sincere intention throughout the prayer. May Allah accept our intentions and prayers, and may the blessed month of Ramadan bring us closer to Him.

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