Experience Playing 1.5-2 Football Betting for Beginners

What is 1.5/2 football betting? What is 1.5-2 in handicap betting? What is 1.5-2 in over/under betting? How do these types of bets differ and what is special about them? Let’s find the accurate answers through the article below!

What is 1.5-2 football betting (1.75 bet)?

1.5-2 football betting is one of the popular betting types in football gambling. It applies to both handicap and over/under betting (score betting). With different ways of betting and payout ratios, detailed below:

1.5-2 in Handicap Betting

1.5-2, also known as 1.75, handicap 1.5/2, handicap 1 ¾, or 1 and a half to two balls handicap, is one of the most prevalent Asian handicap bets today on the odds board. Simply put, 1.5-2 in handicap betting means the upper team will handicap the lower team by 1.75 goals.

This bet applies to matches with significant differences in capability and performance. It is offered by bookmakers to minimize risk and balance the chances of winning and losing for players. In a match, handicap betting 1.5-2 is interpreted as follows:

  • If the upper team wins over the lower team by a margin of 3 goals or more -> Players who bet on the upper team win the bet and receive the corresponding reward, while bets on the lower team lose and lose all initial stakes.
  • If the upper team wins over the lower team by a 2-goal margin -> Players betting on the upper team win and receive half the bet money. Conversely, betting on the lower team loses and loses half of the initial stakes.
  • If the upper team wins, draws or loses to the lower team by a 1-goal margin -> Players betting on the upper team lose and lose everything, while bets on the lower team win and receive corresponding rewards.

1.5-2 in Over/Under Betting

1.5-2 in over/under betting, also known as over/under 1 ¾, is where players bet on the total goals scored in a match based on the bookmaker’s odds. Specifically, if you choose a match score higher than the bookmaker’s odds, choose the Over option, and if lower, choose Under.

With this bet, when choosing to place a bet, there’s only win or lose without half-wins or losses. This is why many players like and choose to bet. When betting on 1.5-2 in over/under, the win-loss results are calculated as follows:

  • If the match’s total goals are at most 1 -> Players betting on Over lose, lose all initial stakes, and vice versa, players betting on Under win and receive corresponding rewards.
  • If the total goals in the match are 2 -> Players betting on Over win and receive half the stakes, while those betting on Under lose and lose half the bet.
  • If the match’s total goals are 3 or more -> Players betting on Over win and receive rewards according to the odds, while bets on Under lose and lose all initial stakes.

Experience Playing 1.5/2 Football Betting

With a football bet of 1.5/2, you can increase your chances of winning and earning more income. According to the experience of long-term gamblers, besides understanding the team information, you should not miss the following effective playing tips:

  • Research Before Betting

First, you need to carefully consider and calculate the betting odds before placing a bet. Don’t be too greedy for big profits by betting on matches without enough information or confidence in your decision. Because at that time, the probability of losing the bet and losing money is very high. At the same time, if you are sure of the prediction and have enough basis, even if it goes against the majority, you should confidently place the bet.

  • Keep a Stable Mentality

Psychology is always the key to helping players achieve great victories, and this is also one of the tips you should note. It’s best to try to keep a calm and sober mind in all situations when betting on 1.5/2 odds. This way, you can easily make predictions with a high accuracy rate. If your mindset is affected, for example by winning or losing many consecutive bets, you should stop and not continue playing to avoid loss and harm.

  • Choose a Reputable Betting Address

The last experience is to choose a reputable and reliable address for betting. Because it ensures that you will have a safe gaming experience and protect your information in the best way. Moreover, reputable websites often provide accurate odds and lots of useful information to help players make the right betting decisions.

One of the addresses you can choose is Fun88 – one of the leading reputable betting websites in Asia, with a large number of participating members and high ratings. With the advantage of offering a variety of games, competitive payout rates, attractive promotions, quick deposits and withdrawals, and dedicated customer support… promising to bring players an exciting experience and opportunities to earn big money.

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We hope that the information we shared about 1.5/2 football betting will make you confident in betting and achieving high victories and profits. If you have no more questions, quickly register an account with Fun88 at to experience betting and win big rewards!

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