Best Tower of Fantasy Characters for Both PVE & PVP

With so many characters in Tower of Fantasy, you have to find out which characters are good for PVE and which ones are good for PVP. You then have to separate these characters so you don’t accidentally pick them for the wrong game type. But that doesn’t mean there are characters who aren’t good for both PVE and PVP.

If you just got your Tower of Fantasy top up, then it’s high time to get some brand new characters that are both good for fighting in PVE and PVP.

Best Characters for Both PVE & PVP

  • King – Scythe of the Crow

Element: Fire

Role: DPS

King is the “king” of DPS in Tower of Fantasy. No one can do it like the king. He has the highest base attack in the entire game, and has the ability to shatter an opponent’s shield and leave damage over time using his fire. Not only that, but King is able to deal a ton of AoE damage thanks to his skills. This is perfect for when you’re fighting the game’s enemies or other players.

  • Nemesis – Venus

Element: Volt

Role: Support

While Venus is a support character, she’s not to be underestimated. She can still do a lot of damage by giving herself a damage boost alongside healing herself with her skills. Her skills and attacks all do AoE damage, which is bad news for the enemy but good news for your team because her AoE attacks heal anyone of your teammates caught in the attack.

  • Samir – Dual EM Stars

Element: Volt

Role: DPS

Samir is considered the queen of DPS. Just like the King, she is able to do an amazing amount of damage to anyone that you fight, whether if that enemy is a mob or a player. Her ability to paralyze and electrocute her enemies makes her a top pick when fighting in PVE and PVP, especially because she can stop enemies from receiving buffs that will help them fight back.

  • Crow – Thunderblades

Element: Volt

Role: DPS

When you think “crowd control” in Tower of Fantasy, Crow pops in mind. He is, quite possibly, the best unit to use when you want to rake in a bunch of enemies and delete them in the blink of an eye. And even if he isn’t able to defeat them, he is able to knock back opponents and paralyze them, allowing you to have some breathing room before jumping back into the fight.

  • Claudia – Guren Blade

Element: Physical

Role: DPS

If you need someone who can do damage at an extremely fast pace, then Claudia is your girl. She is a Physical unit that can go invisible in the middle of the fight. Not only can she hide from her enemies, but her damage increases when invisible, allowing you to do even more damage in this state. 

These characters are all hard to get but if you can get a Tower of Fantasy account for sale, then you can get these characters no problem and start wreaking havoc in both PVE and PVP.

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